What Are the Downsides of Alternative Therapies?

Alternative therapies are not as safe or effective as conventional therapies for the treatment of cancer.

Alternative therapies can hurt you when they are used instead of conventional therapy, because •you may miss an opportunity to control or cure your cancer with effective conventional therapy if you spend critical t working with alternative therapy

• you can get a false sense of security that you are being treated; and followed adequately when in fact you are not

• you may be taking unnecessary risks associated with the therapy

• you may spend a lot of money (there is a long, well-documented history of charlatans taking advantage of patients, and it occurs today)

Discuss with your doctor your questions and thoughts al the role of specific alternative therapies in the treatment of j cancer.

Is There Any Role for Alternative Therapy in the Treatment of Cancer?

Alternative therapy may offer you another option in the treatment of some of the problems associated with your cancer and ca: therapy. For example, some of you may benefit from acupuncture for relief of pain or other symptoms. The acupuncture is helping control symptoms and is not affecting the cancer. Discuss your questions and thoughts about the role of specific alternative therapies for the treatment of specific noncancer problems with your doctors.


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