Tonsillitis usually affects children, although it is by no means unknown in adults. The tonsils are two small lymph glands which sit at the back of the throat. They are part of our immune system and work to protect us firstly from infection to our head and brain as well as to the rest of the body.

When the tonsils are fighting infection, they become coated with the residue of a successful fight by the immune system. They need drainage with gentle stroking massage whereas in the past, an operation to remove them was commonplace.

As the immune system does its normal job, it will kill off the virus, so there will be a fever. It’s the only way viruses can be successfully eliminated. A three-day fever is a good sign that all is going well and the temperature should be controlled only with fluids if possible. (In my opinion, antibiotics should be kept for more serious conditions as they impede the natural processes.) Raising the child’s resistance with vitamin C is important at this stage. Give a 500mg tablet daily (chewable available); three to six tablets may be needed for the older child.

Chiropractors will adjust any observable neck problems, so that natural drainage can occur freely, and the tonsils can return to normal function. This happens quickly if the upper spine moves freely. Correcting the spine produces the fastest recovery. Healing will occur once any restriction is corrected.

Suck ice and, if swallowing is possible, eat soft fruits that slide easily down the throat. Use a cold moist towel around the neck covered with a dry one. Leave them pinned on for twenty minutes. This is most successful if repeated up to three times a day. Gargling with pure lemon juice when a sort throat is first noticed will stop the infection. Don’t eat or drink anything for one hour after the gargle. Rinse your teeth but do not swallow the rinse.

For the following homoeopathics we recommend a dosage of three times in the first hour which is usually sufficient for the day:

Belladonna if the child shows a flushed face.

Hepar sulph if the child is chilly and irritable and the mucus discharge is


Lachesis if the infection starts on the left side and the throat is sensitive to


Phytolacca for lymphatic and glandular swelling.

If the tonsils are removed, the child’s first line of defence is transferred to the lymph nodes in the neck. Other deep glandular problems can occur and take longer to heal.

Removal of the tonsils should only be necessary after all other measures have been tried. When the sink is blocked, you unblock it…you don’t throw the sink away! However, there are always exceptions to the rule, and occasionally chronically enlarged and infected tonsils have to be dispatched!


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