This results when a cranial nerve called the trigeminal becomes very irritated. The sooner the neck is checked and adjusted to normal the better, as chronic cases are difficult to reverse. The pain is severe with various trigger points and some of the medical treatments can be quite drastic.

Prompt treatment is essential. The sooner you realise that a nerve is acutely irritated and have a chiropractor do essential adjustments, the fewer complications will arise. Homoeopathics like rhus tox and hypericum are a good start, but you may need to have specific ones made up for you.

Acupuncture certainly will help, as the pain creates a great deal of stress which makes things worse. Keep the nerve and surrounding muscles warm to prevent palsy developing. Make sure the diet is adequate and ensure enough sleep.

Vitamins Bl, B6 and B12 (by injection) are recommended in high doses which are reduced as the pain lessens. See your general practitioner about those. Low doses of vitamin B complex by tablet won’t help much, but there is no harm in trying.


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