It is especially important to find the cause of vomiting and nausea. If it is food poisoning, use the homoeopathic nux vom which works wonders. Give it in sips every time the patient throws up. It only has to touch the tongue to be effective. There’s no need for swallowing if even boiled water won’t stay down.

Chiropractic: Occasionally vomiting can occur because a joint in the upper neck is causing irritation which eventually affects the vagus cranial nerve, which supplies the stomach. An adjustment can stop the trouble immediately. This is often the case in pregnant women, especially if they find that vitamin B6 is ineffective.

Projectile vomiting in babies is often the result of a birth injury, and a chiropractor or osteopath specialising in cranial adjusting will be able to treat it successfully. However, any vomiting in babies is serious and requires immediate professional help.

Homoeopathics are:

IPECAC for diarrhoea, with a clean tongue.

Ant tart for diarrhoea with an unclean tongue.

Pulsatilla if sickness is after fatty or rich foods.

Arsen alb when the patient is chilly and very weak.

Cuprum met for stomach cramps.

Buy a product called Gastrolyte at the pharmacy for dehydration.

Dietary: If the problem is infection, then boiled water for twenty-four hours is only commonsense, though I feel that it is better to have something in the stomach to throw up rather than dry retching. Don’t give citrus, use apple or boiled white rice.

Acupuncture has great benefits. The laser machine can be used to settle the stomach of a child who feels queasy. This works well if the problem is only nervous tension. But the needles are far better for adults desiring immediate recovery.


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