Every day around the world, ten thousand babies die because they don’t receive milk from their mothers’ breasts. They die from gastroenteritis and the common diseases of childhood because milk from a bottle doesn’t contain antibodies. Western babies on the breast have 100 times less chance of catching gastroenteritis than babies who are bottle fed.
Breast is best; but all of this is not to say that breast feeding is easy. It can be very difficult. The fact that a newborn baby is a powerful, painful, sucking machine comes as a great surprise to many unsuspecting, first time mothers. The result of breast feeding is painful cracked and bleeding nipples accompanied by an overwhelming fear that this helpless little creature is never going to survive unless mum can take him from the breast and place him onto a pain free bottle.
Home Remedies
No doctor’s advice ever replaces the invaluable advice and practical support delivered by The Nursing Mothers Association. When seeking the assistance of this excellent support group all you need is a telephone book. If you are an expectant and inexperienced mother get in touch with The Nursing Mothers Association well before the baby is due.

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