If you enjoy dancing, that should be your form of exercise — and line dancing is extremely popular and social. Everyone has a good time because the skill is mostly in reproducing the dance routine perfectly, not in the sophistication of the dance steps. That means any one prepared to learn the routine can join the dance!

Dance is an extremely social form of exercise, and if you need the company of other people to keep that body moving, then join a dance group. Alternatives include: jazz ballet, ballroom dancing, or for more specialised dances, look up your local directory and you may find cultural and ethnic groups like Irish and Scottish dancers.

Health Farms

Health farms are worth attending if you can afford to take time out to remain in an environment designed to focus on your well-being.

What a great way to start your cellulite-loss program: check into a health farm for a week, at the end of which you will emerge with new habits, having had sufficient time to clear your mind of all the clutter. What a peaceful way to set goals! You’ll have advisers on hand, massage, sport, fitness centre, bicycles and enough time so that you can have a long quiet think about your long-term attack on cellulite.


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