Short Term

• Exercise 10-15 minutes per day.

• Also engage in passive exercise, like walking.

• Enjoy some massages.

• Halve intake of all negative substances — like alcohol.

• Double intake of all positive substances — like fruit and vegies.

• Lose weight in the first week.

Remember to make all goals achievable. Encourage yourself to perform in short bursts, making sure that you do tire yourself out — just a little bit for starters. Don’t have a complete body revolution — your body might still need its coffee, and those who get headaches will soon know if they are being too radical with their restraint. Prefer to restrain yourself gradually, being comfortable that you can — and will — achieve what you intend.

Medium Term

• Exceed 15 minutes of exercise per day.

• Start having fun — compete with your previous times and efforts.

• Put more effort into walking.

• Avoid intake of all negative substances.

• Increase intake of all healthy foods.

• Lose more weight. /

Medium term performance is most satisfying, because you really start to see spectacular results. Once you get over the muscular aches associated with starting to get fit, the body begins to perform at levels which only four weeks ago seemed impossible! Also after three — four weeks of solid effort, you start to see results. Your friends and your family might not start to notice yet, but you will certainly find yourself feeling and looking better, and beginning to wonder what you will do for clothes one size smaller.

Longer Term

• Exercise 60 minutes per day — 30 minutes weight and muscle training and 30 minutes heart and lung training.

• Continue to engage in passive exercise and don’t let your partner break the habit of giving you massage.

• Imbibe negative substances only very occasionally.

• Continue intake of healthy foods.

• And continue to lose weight.

The unfit have no idea how great it feels to be fit. This longer term program is the one you must settle into in order to retain what you have gained. It will become your lifestyle, and you should try to find ways to enjoy it. Eliminate all those things you ‘tried’ and hated in the first few weeks — maybe the paw-paw wasn’t so good, but you learned to love mangoes! And maybe the rowing machine wasn’t for you, whereas you can read or watch television on the treadmill!

By now you may have picked up a few friends along the way. Your social circle might have widened as you interact with like-minded people, and you will alter your plans in order to meet at various locations where you can encourage each other.


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