Does diabetes affect your sex life?

The short answer to this is no, it need not do so, and certainly not when you are young. Sex development in both boys and girls, men and women, is not affected by diabetes. Sexual feelings are just the same whether you have diabetes or not. The ability to enjoy sexual relationships and to have children is the same for people with diabetes also. The risk of pregnancy after intercourse is just the same as for people without diabetes, and those with diabetes need to take the same responsibility and precautions to prevent unwanted pregnancy as other people.

Young men may hear that impotence can be a problem for people with diabetes in later life. Impotence means difficulty or inability for a man to have or to maintain an erection. This may occur in some people after many years and may be a greater risk if diabetic control is poor. There are a number of possible causes for this apart from it being a complication of diabetes, and there are forms of treatment that may help if it does occur. It is another good reason of course to aim for careful control of your diabetes if you are a boy.

Can I have the pill?

Yes, but you should of course discuss this with your physician. There is no evidence that the contraceptive pill causes more problems in women with diabetes than in others, and the pill should not upset diabetic control. You will of course have a low-dose pill and have regular checks with your doctor while you are having it.


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