Believe it or not, but headache protects people from by fare more serious troubles. Do you want to know – why so? For instance, you have touched something hot and the pain alerts about danger – you draw back you hand and do not get a bad burn injury. It is also the case with headache, but it warns you from the harmful effects and situations unfavorable for your health. For instance, always after you have eaten a chocolate, migraine starts. This so much the case that this product on some reasons, unknown to you, is bad for your system and you will exclude it from your diet. Thus, by headache your body in advance alerts you which habits injures your health. For this reason it is worth mentioning that a predisposing cause for the development of migraine is just an unhealthy way of living: physical and emotional overworks, psychological traumas, depression, eating disorder, disturbed day regimen, insomnia, anxiety etc.
Migraine existed as far back as thousand years before it got its name. The fact that a great many of well-known and highly educated people were affected with the same disease was likely to be attributed to their “migrainose” personal characteristic – mental alertness, personal leadership, inventive power and activity. Migraine affected people are “action boys” by nature. They are steady with their purpose and no road blocks, even a painful, recurrent headache can stop them.
Pain literally starts to take over your life. Nobody can understand how difficult their life is, they should capitulate with the emergence of pain anew every time. These women do not live; they exist from day to day, from week to week, guessing when the next attack will start. They can not plan anything beforehand, they have nothing to expect.
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