These are usually soft and multiple. Hundreds may be present.

Fortunately these warts clear rapidly with whatever treatment is used.Podophyllin may result in a rapid clearing of most of the warts even after one application.

Diathermy, usually under general anaesthetic, is also effective.

They are usually, but not always spread by sexual contact.

The seborrhoeic or senile wart is different from those already mentioned.

This is an overgrowth of the basal cells of the skin, and it produces a round, raised, greasy, brown or black lump.

They are more common in the middle aged or elderly, and occur mostly on the back.

The greasy, raised protuberance can easily be scaped off with a fingernail or scalpel. And this leaves a slightly raised, reddened, sometimes bleeding surface.

Like the other forms of warts they never become cancerous but the appearance may be unacceptable.

And for this reason they can be removed. This is usually done by electric diathermy or by the application of liquid nitrogen.


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