The interrogator starts fondling the confessor again. «Tell me.»

«I feel afraid of you.»

«That’s better. When do you feel afraid of me?» «I feel afraid of you right now. You’ve got your hands on my genitals.» «That’s true.»

«And I also feel afraid of you at other times.» «What other times?» «I’m not sure.»

The interrogator stops fondling the confessor. «Don’t stop.» «Then talk.» «I will.»

«What other times?»

«I’ll tell you. I’ll tell you. Please don’t stop. I feel afraid when you’re drinking.»

«That’s better.» The interrogator continues fondling the confessor until the whole truth is told. Then the two switch roles.

This game can last (intermittently, at least) for an hour, a day, a week, or a month, and constantly lead to new truths. By being truthful in the context of erotic play, the couple is enabled to open up in an enjoyable way. This provides positive reinforcement to the difficult task of breaking through barriers. Husbands and wives will be surprised at the things both their partners and they come out with. Of course, there may be some pain to deal with—unexpected truths that are difficult to hear and cope with. Then the couple must stop the game and deal with that pain, perhaps even with the help of a therapist.

Eventually (as with the other games in this section), boredom will dissipate while intimacy and passion return.


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