For the husband it is a transforming experience, lifting him out of his own defensive posture—which might range from whining about lack of sex, to passive but begrudging resignation to little or unresponsive sex, to seeking extramarital situations and satisfactions. By dropping his defensive posture and allowing his own playful self to come out, he learns a more successful mode of relating.

Nude indoor volleyball can be played for fun and enlightenment by most of the couples described in this book.

On occasion, hysterics marry active spouses, hoping that such men will sweep them off their feet and take them away from it all. But the actives are more than likely to be of the narcissistic variety, interested in satisfying their own needs, not their spouse’s. For this reason, many such relationships swing from fantasy to disillusionment.

The games in this section have been designed as a five-part antidote to hysteria.


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