Are Waerland’s wife Ebba Waerland is an accomplished practitioner in the application of Waerland therapies in the treatment of many diseases. In her book, Naturlakekonstens Bokf she describes dietetic Waerland therapies which she has applied in many clinics in Germany and Sweden in the treatment of multiple sclerosis. They are also described in an English language book by Are Waerland, Health Is Your Birthright.

First, Waerland and Evers agree completely as to the cause of multiple sclerosis: a diet of denatured foods which is lacking in important nutritive elements and which causes metabolic disorder and poisons the system. Their general dietetic measures are similiar as well. Ebba Waerland recommends complete removal of all processed, refined, and devitilized foods, as well as sugar, tobacco, alcohol, salt, coffee, tea, spices and other foodless products.

The Waerland therapy for multiple sclerosis

Treatment begins with a short fast of not over five days’ duration, with vegetable and fruit juices. After fasting, a strict alkaline diet is prescribed for at least two weeks. This diet consists of two meals a day of raw fruits and vegetables with the addition of sprouted wheat* and 1 slice of whole meal bread; one meal is a vegetable meal, the other a fruit meal. This is followed by the standard Waerland diet with the addition of sprouted wheat. Only unpasteurized, raw milk is permitted. Bread consumption is limited to one or two slices of sour-dough bread a day. Cold-pressed oils are used instead of butter. No cheese, except whey cheese and homemade cottage cheese, is allowed. Brewer’s yeast is recommended as a food supplement.

In addition to the diet, other biological means of detoxifying the system advocated by Ebba Waerland are increasing the blood circulation by massage, exercises, and special hydrotherapeutic treatments.


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