French-kissing, which some people call tongue-kissing, means that one or both people put their tongues in the other person’s mouth while kissing. Some people like French-kissing; others don’t and choose not to try it. There is no right or wrong way to French-kiss. Some people just put the tip of their tongue into the other person’s mouth. Others put more of their tongue in; still others manage to get their tongues in each other’s mouth at the same time. There aren’t any specific rules about this.

What is necking? What is petting?

Necking — or snogging, as some people call it — means having prolonged kissing sessions. Different people define petting differently. Some people use the phrase ‘petting above the waist’ or ‘light petting’ to describe a situation in which a male feels or fondles a female’s breasts. ‘Petting below the waist’, or ‘heavy petting’ means touching or rubbing the other person’s genital organs. Some people further divide petting into petting outside or over your clothes and petting inside or under your clothes.


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